June 10, 2023

While walking down New York City’s Thompson Street, it’s not hard to miss a tall glass door that leads into the new ModernHaus Hotel. But once inside, you’ll find yourself in an oasis that Soho has been desperately needing – a quiet but stylish retreat from the bustling city surrounding.

What was once known as The James Hotel has been converted to The ModernHaus Hotel, a 114-room property that is now completely transformed. The space features 11,000 square feet of outdoor space, a restaurant by Michelin-starred chef George Mendes, artwork by George Condo, Kaws, and Hans Hartung, and an open-air rooftop pool deck. In December 2017, Jack J. Sitt of Thor Equities purchased the hotel – the first hospitality investment from one of New York’s leading real estate development and management firms. As a Soho resident and the acquisitions expert for Thor Equities since 2013, Sitt had the vision to turn the property into a cultural landmark that boasts all the best of Soho – art, food, style, and people.

Located on the second floor, Jumpin Jacks is the hotel’s crown jewel – a first of its kind coffee-shop-cocktail-bar hybrid that has become a destination for city dwellers and tourists alike. A labor of love aptly named after Sitt, the space offers a respite for anything their residents could need. Stop in for a morning coffee or enjoy the all-day menu, featuring items like avocado toast to huevos rancheros. Or lounge at night for a cocktail and enjoy the sweeping views of downtown Manhattan through floor-to-ceiling windows. “What I believe makes a hotel great is creating a space that’s not anything specific, but gives people the optionality to do everything,” said Sitt. “With this space, we wanted to give everybody what they would want out of their own living room.”

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Sitt became obsessed with coffee and became an integral feature of Jumpin Jacks. The space is the only outpost in New York City to offer Cometeer Coffee, a brand that has developed the most advanced coffee extraction system. After extracting the coffee, which is already 10x stronger than the typical cup, the coffee is flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen at -32F to lock in all the flavors of their specialty coffee. And by night, that same coffee is used to serve their take on the ever-popular Espresso Martini, the JJ’s Cometeer Espresso Martini.

Stylist and interior design consultant Melissa Bowers worked closely with Sitt to create a multi-use space that instantly felt like home. A dark wood bar became the area’s focus and was the first design element Sitt brought in, calling it the “energetic focus” of the room. Above it hangs a custom rabbit neon as a wink to its namesake. Since the space is drenched by city light from the west, Bowers and Sitt were tasked with warming up the room. Through the use of woods, rich colors, and the installation of a long, winding sofa, the space exudes comfort yet sophistication – the perfect place for guests to work, play, and unwind. Each corner solves for different needs. Backgammon tables, designed exactly like the ones in Sitt’s childhood home, sit on the far end of the space for a casual game, and opposite, you’ll find smaller tables for work and privacy.

Jumpin Jacks will host a soiree this evening, April 27th, to celebrate its long-awaited opening. Music will be provided by Timo Weiland and espresso martinis, champagne, and caviar will be passed around all night. Sitt also plans to use the space for hotel programming – both for events and themed nights for hotel guests. The goal: to have someone walk in and always feel something new, “The most important thing for me is that spaces have personality, and that personality is created by the energy of your people and how you take care of those people,” said Sitt. “I want you to feel like everybody in the hotel is your host. That’s what I focus on today more than anything else. It’s always about the people first.”

Visit ModernHausSoho.com to learn more.

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