June 10, 2023

In the latest story in my series where actors from Broadway’s hottest shows share what they love about New York, I’m profiling Jared Grimes. Starring as Edie Ryan on “Funny Girl,” Grimes is an up-and-coming high-profile name who is known for his dancing. He’s even toured with Mariah Carey and danced for Barack Obama at the Kennedy Center.

His interview follows:

Where do you live in New York?

The Upper West Side.

What is your favorite neighborhood in in the city, and why?

Where I live because it’s far from Midtown where all the action is, yet there’s so much to do here and it’s so peaceful.

Can you share some of your favorite spots in a Theater District and what makes them so great?

My go-to spot is Mercury Bar West because I’ve been going there forever for a quick bite or to catch the games after shows and concerts.

The best place for a pre-or post-theater meal. What are the dishes to order?

Yum Yum [a Thai restaurant] is great for a post show meal. Every dish there hits the spot.

What’s the best Theater District watering hole and the drink to get?

Blockheads was my favorite, but they closed it down. It was the best way to have fun and celebrate a little heading into a day off.

Any insider tips for enjoying a Broadway show or anything to make the experience better?

I love randomly seeing shows last minute for the thrill. Everyone should try it. Artistically surprise yourself every now and then.

The New York theater you love to go to and why.

I love Circle In The Square. Shows in the round are fun and in a lot of ways immersive.

What other Broadway shows are on your radar right now?

I’m excited for A Strange Loop. I’m glad to see new young edgy creators getting an opportunity to tell stories.

Share your insider New York gems.

Everyone must go see a concert at Dizzy’s Club [at Lincoln Center]. What’s a good time without a little jazz?!

Can you share your favorite theaters around the world and why?

Every theater around the world is my favorite because a theater in business and full of people makes life worth living.

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